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Inleiding en commentaar op het Nieuwe Testament


De Applied New Testament Commentary geeft goed leesbaar achtergrondinformatie over het Nieuwe Testament en kan naast verschillende Bijbelvertalingen gebruikt worden. Pagina 1-8 van de inleiding ontbreekt, evenal de CD-ROM. Het bevat:

  • Algemene artikelen over kernzaken van het christelijke geloof
  • Een inleiding op elk boek van het Nieuwe Testament
  • UItleg van een aantal kernwoorden
  • UItleg bij de Bijbeltekst
  • Toepassingen voor het dagelikse leven

John Stott schreef dit over de Engelse versie: “Dr. Tom Hale is an experienced medical missionary in Nepal, and his commentary is essentially a missionary’s commentary. Although he has done his biblical homework, and he thinks theologically, he does not write from the ivory tower of academia. His concern is rather for the grass roots of newly planted churches. He is familiar with the problems they face and the questions they ask. He wrestles with the need for cross-cultural application. He is committed to the unity of the church and urges us to give one another the liberty of interpretation in those secondary areas in which we disagree. And his straightforward, easy-to-read style includes both a simple vocabulary and short sentences. Inevitably a one-man commentary will not please everybody. But he has struggled to rid himself of bias, so that there is very much here for all Bible students to learn, whatever their cultural or denominational background. In fact the Applied New Testament Commentary should help to promote mutual understanding, tolerance and respect among Christian people.”
John Stott
All Souls, Langham Place, London


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